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SNiPER-The Ideal Green Clean

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What is SNiPER®? Ideal Biocide?

SNiPER® is made up of a 2,000 ppm concentration of stabilized chlorine dioxide. Nothing like it exists on the market today. SNiPER® is an oxidizing biocide and not a metabolic toxin. This means that SNiPER® kills micro-organisms by disruption of the transport nutrients across the cell wall, not by disruption of a metabolic process.



How does it work?

Of the oxidizing biocides, chlorine dioxide is the most selective oxidant. Both ozone and chlorine are much more reactive than chlorine dioxide, and they will be consumed by most organic compounds. Much lower dosages of chlorine dioxide achieve a more stable residual than either chlorine or ozone. Chlorine dioxide, generated properly (all chlorine dioxide is not created equal), can be effectively used in much higher organic loading than either ozone or chlorine because of its selectivity.

How effective is it?

The efficacy of chlorine dioxide is at least as high as chlorine's, though at lower concentrations. But there are more and important advantages:

  • The bactericidal efficiency is relatively unaffected by pH values between 4 and 10
  • Chlorine dioxide is clearly superior to chlorine in the destruction of spores, bacteria, fungus, viruses and other pathogen organisms on an equal residual base
  • The required contact time for Chlorine dioxide is lower
  • Chlorine dioxide has better solubility
  • No corrosion associated with high chlorine concentrations. Reduces long term maintenance costs
  • Chlorine dioxide does not react with NH3 or NH4+
  • It destroys trihalomethane (THM) precursors and increases coagulation
  • Chlorine dioxide destroys phenols and has no distinct smell
  • It is better at removing iron and magnesia compounds than chlorine, especially complex bounds

How is it applied?

Traditionally, Chlorine dioxide can be used in two ways. The first is the on-site generation through a special process. The second is the possibility to order Chlorine dioxide in its stabilized form (SCD). SCD is activated on-site whenever its usage is desirable. SNiPER® technology is exceptional in that it comes in a stabilized ready to use form of Chlorine dioxide with a proven shelf life of at least two years while retaining 100% efficacy.

Get to know more about the one and only SNiPER®, the Ideal Biocide.


  • Toxic Drywall
      Eliminate off gassing from toxic drywall with SNiPER®.
  • Swine Flu
      Risk Management is a must during Flu season. SNiPER® kills H1N1.
  • Healthcare Industry
      SNiPER® kills MRSA, Streptococcus, Norovirus and much more.
  • Mold Removal
      EPA registered fungicide. Remove mold and fungal spores.
  • Household Disinfection
      Clean & sanitize kitchens, nurseries, bathrooms, etc. Disinfect for flu season.
  • Schools, Universities and Daycares
      Easy to use, non-harmful, maximum protection.
  • Gyms & Sports
      Disinfect & deodorize equipment, uniforms, rest rooms, saunas, locker rooms, whirl pools and more.
  • Confined Entry Vessels
      SNiPER® oxidizes Ammonia, Methane, Hydrogen Sulfide, Formaldehyde and more.
  • Coroner/ME & Crime Scene Clean up
      SNiPER® oxidizes Formaldehyde removing the odor. It kills blood borne pathogens and breaks down blood for easy safe removal.
  • Cruise Liner
      SNiPER® kills Legionella, Norovirus and is non harmful.
  • HVAC Systems
      Use SNiPER® to increase indoor air quality.
  • Military
      Biohazard Prevention, Protection & Cleanup.
  • Odor Removal
      Skunk odor removal, cat urine odor removal, smoke odor removal and more!
  • Office Buildings & Hotels
      Antimicrobial protection, environmentally friendly, improve indoor air quality.
  • Offshore Industry
      Disinfect living quarters & infected areas without downtime. Kill MRSA & Swine Flu.
  • Law Enforcement
      Clean & disinfect blood, urine, vomit and eliminate odors. Easily neutralize pepper spray. Ideal Protection.
  • Agriculture Industries
      SNiPER® kills Swine and Avian Flu, E.coli, Salmonella and more
  • Washer Disinfection
      No more smelly washer! SNiPER® disinfects and deodorizes.
  • Zoos, Wildlife & Aquariums
      Clean, disinfect and remove odors safely. SNiPER® is non-harmful to humans, animals and plants.


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